About Bruening Rock Products

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About Bruening Rock Products

For nearly 80 years, Bruening Rock Products, Inc. has been "rocking" Northeast Iowa.  It has always been a family company, that has seen its sons and daughters grow it  into a very successful aggregate company.

The company started out simple... as most did in the 1930's.  Leo Bruening started with one truck and hauled coal from the railroads. With his honest and exceptional service to his customers, Leo grew his business to four trucks in his first five years of business.  Even though America was struggling through a depression, the great determination and hard work of Iowa's farmers was shining through by working the land.  Therefore, Leo was able to begin helping with excavation and lime work for those farmers.

In 1946 Bruening Rock was incorporated as their business boomed with crushed rock, excavation and agricultural work.

In 1954, Leo's oldest son, Duane, returned from the military where he served as a Captain in the Marines. Duane worked extensively in the family business.  Duane worked whenever and wherever he was needed while earning his education from Loras College in Dubuque, IA.
Throughout the next two decades, Duane helped grow this family business to over 30 employees, multiple quarry sites throughout the state, and three milking operations with over 120 head of cattle. Duane also got married and began a family in Decorah, where he had eight children, all of whom worked the business when they were able.  His two sons, Greg and Keith are still running the day to day operations of Bruening Rock Products Inc.

In 1978,  Greg began his full time career with Bruening Rock Products Inc.,  after graduation from Luther College with a B.S degree in Business.

In 1980,  Keith began his full time career with Bruening Rock Products Inc., after graduating from Iowa State University with a B.S. degree in Industrial Management.

Since the beginning of that summer of 1980 the two brothers have worked as a team, working extensive, exhaustive hours to bring the highest quality of products and services to their loyal customers.

Greg's two sons have also joined Bruening Rock Products Inc., and are learning the value of long hours and hard work.

Keith's children are still not old enough to work, but be certain this family legacy will be carried on as soon as they are able.  Their occasional visits to the headquarters office in Decorah are always a joy for the staff in the building.